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1st Jun 21


  • Australia

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Whale Season

Each winter to mid-spring South Australia has the privilege of watching Southern Right Whales gather on its pristine shores.

With an average 5000 kilometre migration journey from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Australia, this movement of whales is one of the longest migratory voyages of any mammal on earth. Seeing these majestic giants of the ocean is truly a spectacular sight and it is almost impossible not to be left in awe by the size and beauty of these creatures of the deep.

Sightings from Victor Harbor usually begin around mid-May and eagerly awaiting whale watchers gather atop the cliffs and headlands of the area’s stunning coastline, hoping to catch a glimpse of the gentle giants annual migration.

Whales can be spotted right along the coast of the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula and this map of local whale watching hot-spots is a helpful guide for visitors and locals alike. Physical copies of this map are available for the duration of whale season from the SA Whale Centre, currently temporarily located at 11 Coral Street, Victor Harbor.

For up-to-date whale watching information, keep an eye on the SA Whale Centre Facebook page or visit their live sightings log.

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