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5th Apr 21
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • 10 Coral Street, Victor Harbor, SA, 5211, Australia

Between the Lines Exhibition

Bringing our attention to not just that which is written, but what is left unsaid, Hamish McMillan offers us an opportunity to linger, to exist for a moment in the space “Between the Lines

Hamish McMillan is a visual artist, writer and self described observer, having exhibited in various mediums here in SA and interstate. His art ranges from print, digital art and painted work through to large scale sculptural installations. With a focus on creating art designed to provoke conversation McMillan seeks to find a question worth asking then sets about the task of mashing something together to be utterly unsalable. (or does he?) He also has a tendency to refer to himself in the third person when writing artist bios, but don’t hold that against him, against me. Join me in exploring what occurs Between the lines.

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