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Inman River Trail

The Inman River Trail takes you on a journey from the sea, inland along the river, through woodlands and past the grazing paddocks of Victor Harbor's infamous Clydesdale Horses.

Starting at Muwerang (Kent Reserve), the last documented campground of the local Ramindjeri people, this self-guided trail is an easy stroll following the banks of the Inman River, known to the Narringdjeri people as ‘Moo-oola’ and ‘Moogoora’.

Length: 8km return
Difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Flat
Start: Kent Reserve – Muwerang

View the trail map below, or visit the Victor Harbor Information Centre or Council office to collect a map.

Map supplied courtesy of Walking SA


Points of Interest

  1. Kent Reserve

The walk starts at Muwerang (Kent Reserve), originally a traditional camping ground of the Ramindjeri people, you will find interpretive signage in the shelter. Kent Reserve was named after Englishman John Kent, a storekeeper with the 39th Regiment under the command of Captain Collett Barker.

  1. Monument to Captain Collett Barker, Barker Reserve.

The Inman River was crossed by Captain Collett Barker in 1831 and was named in 1838 after Henry Inman, South Australia’s first Police commander.

  1. Anzac Bridge

Installed in honour of the many locals who served in the armed forces during all theatres of war and in peace-time.

  1. Native Fish

Several species found in the Inman River are considered rare, vulnerable or endangered including the Climbing Galaxia. (list more here?)

  1. Clydesdales

The home and paddocks of the famous Horse Drawn Tram Clydesdales. You will find them here resting and relaxing when they are not on duty.

  1. Bird Hide

Sit a moment, listen and watch the birdlife around you.

  1. Inman River Floodplain

The area is frequently flooded as the water table is very close to the surface. Red Gums flourish in the cycle of wet and dry conditions.

  1. Victor Harbor Cemetery

Victor Harbor was settled in 1839 and the Cemetery commenced soon after in 1860. Many members of our pioneering families are buried here.

Please remember:

  • Leave behind only footprints
  • Take plenty of water and wear good enclosed walking shoes
  • Respect the flora and fauna around you so that others may also enjoy the pleasure
  • Beware of snakes, especially in warmer months