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Horsedrawn Tram

The horse tram service has been temporarily suspended due to damage on the heritage-listed Causeway.

While the trams are not operating, our iconic Clydesdales will be at the Causeway stables to greet visitors and post for photos. The Clydesdales love the attention from visitors and each have their own personality.

There’s Jay Jay who is the boss. Albert who loves a cuddle. Isabella is a bit of a diva and hams it up for the camera. Elliot is the baby of the group and loves people. Misty is happiest when she is being brushed by Horse Tram staff. Karni also likes being brushed and patted. Murray is a really hard worker and idolizes Albert (he follows him everywhere!). Scotty is the newbie and only joined the team in October 2018.

Pedestrians can still access Granite Island via the Causeway as usual.

Further update on Causeway repairs and the operation of the horse tram will be provided at


Ride the historic Horse Drawn Tram across The Causeway to Granite Island. The Tramway commenced operation in 1894 and is one of two remaining in the world that operate a daily service.

Meet our beautiful Clydesdales at their day yard and at the station for a great photo opportunity. Each of our six working horses share working shifts of four or five return trips each or approximately two and a half to three hours after which they are given a feed of chaff and grain then spend the time dozing under the pines or being petted by admirers.

You can learn some of the history of the Tramway, The Causeway and the region from the photo displays inside the trams. The replica trams were built in 1986, based on the original design, but extended by two windows and given extra headroom. They weigh 4.8 tonnes each and use roller bearings to minimise rolling effort. A single tram driver can roll one out of the barn on their own! A working Clydesdale weighs between 800 to 1000kg, but only needs to use 80kg of weight to start the tram rolling.

You may purchase a return ticket (return on any tram throughout the day) or ride oneway and make a leisurely stroll the other.

Climb the boardwalk stairs to the highest point on the island for spectacular views of Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay. Explore the scenery and many other vantage points on the walking trail around the island.

The Tramway operates every day, except for Christmas Day, from 10.00am until 3.20pm week days and 4.00pm weekends.

Christmas Holiday Horse Drawn Tram Schedule

  • Trams will be running every 30 minutes from 10.00am
  • Last tram to the island 5.00pm
  • Last tram from the island 5.20pm
  • Extended hours commence Boxing Day

Return Ticket

  • Adult $10.00
  • Child $7.00 (4 to 15 years)
  • Family $28.00 (2 adults, 2 children)

One Way Ticket

  • Adult $7.00
  • Child $5.00
  • Family $20.00

The Horse Drawn Tram is owned and operated by the City of Victor Harbor.